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Knitting and crochet can be confusing. There are so many crochet abbreviations and knitting symbols, and sizes and gauges and materials to keep track of that it can get complicated. But it doesn't have to be that way! Knitting and crochet can be easy and streamlined with the Make it Happen Planners, a set of guides and resources for makers. 



The Guidebook


The Make it Happen: Guidebook is the monthly planner for makers! Set goals for the year, mark the important days in the year at a glance calendar and make it happen this year! This resource is a printable guide to help you get the big things done by breaking them into smaller goals and planning out what you need. Full of motivational quotes to encourage you every month!



Here are all the pages included in the Make it Happen: 2020 Guidebook

  • 2020 Bucket List - Make a list of all the big goals you have for the year, craft fairs you want to attend, things to make or try, new shop goals, anything!
  • Year at a Glance - use this page to write out any important dates, holidays, or birthdays you need to remember and plan for!
  • Monthly Planner Pages (24) - there are 2 planner pages per month so you can set goals and achieve them with this planner. Plan out what you'll need and how you'll tackle the goal so you don't waste time or money. Plus each month has a different motivational quote to keep you going!
  • Year in Review - look back at everything you accomplished over the year with this year in review page! Celebrate your wins and see what didn't work to help you do even better next year. 



The Designer Pack



The Make it Happen: Designer Pack is the perfect tool to help you start or streamline your knitting and crochet business. Whether you're taking orders on a small scale for family and friends, or opening your own shop, this pack has resources for you!



Here are all the pages included in the Make it Happen: Designer Pack:

  • Works in Progress tracker (2) - 2 pages to jot down your current knitting or crochet projects and how much you've completed so you can keep track of them
  • Project Trackers (2) - 2 pages to track your project details, and note what hooks, yarn, size, and anything other relevant information about your patterns. No more wondering which hook you started with!
  • Yarn Stash Inventory (2) - 2 pages to organize your yarn stash, record what you own, how much you have, what colors, how much it cost, and attach a swatch or image for reference.
  • Project Ideas List (2) - Keep track of those great ideas! Write down any pattern or project ideas so you remember them when the time comes and you can mark them as done when complete!
  • Brand Identity Plan (3) - 3 worksheets to help you work out a brand identity and start your handmade business! This covers creating a brand look, and what you want to focus on with your crochet business.
  • Product Line Planner - create the perfect product line with this helpful worksheet. Plan out the line description and items to go into that line so you can design with purpose and intention
  • Custom Order Tracker - Taking custom orders from family, friends, and clients have never been easier! Use this template to record all the important information, track your costs, and keep a written record for future reference!
  • Handmade Pricing Guide - What to charge for your handmade items? Knitting and crochet pricing can be tricky but this handmade pricing guide helps you set a fair price for you AND your customer!
  • Monthly Income/Expenses reports - keep track of incomes and expenses from the start with this page and be ready come tax time.
  • Pattern Design Template (4) - use MY template for writing patterns with all the information you need to include such as yarns used, materials needed, a place to sketch out your concept, and even draft the pattern
  • Resources for Makers - a list of my favorite resources & courses to help you grow your knitting & crochet business (or any handmade biz!)
  • 3 types of printable tags to add on your work for a professional finish!



The Resource Pack



The Make it Happen: Resource Pack is the perfect companion for makers, knitters, and crocheters! This knitting and crochet planner is full of printable resource pages, cheat sheets, sizing guides, to do lists, checklists and more to help you organize your crochet supplies. For everyone that's ever had trouble figuring out knit or crochet blanket sizes, how to make a hat fit, or making sense of knitting and crochet abbreviations, conversions, and materials, this Resource Pack has everything you need!


Here are all the pages included in the Make it Happen: Resource Pack:

  • Crochet Hook Sizes -this page lists all the crochet hook sizes with the metric size, UK sizes, USA sizes, and a column to check off what you own already!
  • Crochet Abbreviations (2) - 2 pages of the most common crochet abbreviations used in patterns along with an explanation of what they mean in USA terms
  • Crochet Conversions - A handy page to convert USA crochet terms to UK terms. Also includes a chart of standard crochet symbols and what they mean in patterns.
  • Knitting Needle Sizes - this page lists all the knitting needle sizes with the metric size, UK sizes, USA sizes, and a column to check off what you own already as circular needles, interchangeable knitting needles or double-pointed needles!
  • Knitting Abbreviations (3) - 3 pages of the most common knitting abbreviations used in patterns along with an explanation of what they mean, and how to work some of the more complex ones
  • Knitting Symbols (4) - 4 pages full of standard symbols used in knitting patterns and charts, along with what they mean and how to work them. Also includes pages on 2 different versions of knitting cables symbols and what they mean.
  • Yarn Weight Guide - Have trouble understanding yarn weight? This page is all about the different yarn weight categories, what types of yarn fall into them, knit and crochet gauge ranges, and recommended hook and needle sizes for that yarn weight!
  • Laundry Care Symbols - Never wonder how to wash your knits again! This page is a printable cheat sheet for all the laundry care symbols and what they mean so you can safely wash your handmade items.
  • Hat Sizing Guide - Get perfectly sized hats and beanies with this ultimate guide to sizing knit and crochet hats. Includes 18 sizes from preemies to men's XL and lists the crown diameter, hat heights, and hat circumferences for all sizes (in inches).
  • Blanket Sizing Guide - 17 different sizes for knit and crochet blankets so you can make perfect sized loveys, baby blankets, crochet throws or bedspreads!
  • Sizing other items - This page includes more sizing information for scarves, shawls, and household items like crochet potholders and washcloths.
  • Additional resources (2) -These 2 pages include even more resources for you to check out including all my favorite knitting and crochet books, blogs, and websites.
  • My Favorite Tools - This page is a list of all the knitting and crochet tools that I personally use as a crocheters/knitter/business owner!


Specs: These pages are formatted to print on regular copy paper as letter-sized (8.5X11) or A4 sheets. You can also print them as 2 pages per sheet or in booklet form for A5 binders.


Copyright © of Shehla Ahmed. This planner is for personal use. Do not share or redistribute in any way, in part or as a whole.