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The Make it Happen: Designer Pack is the perfect tool to help you start or streamline your knitting and crochet business. Whether you're taking orders on a small scale for family and friends, or opening your own shop, this pack has resources for you!


Available in 2 colors.


Here are all the pages included in the Make it Happen: Designer Pack:

  • Works in Progress tracker (2) - 2 pages to jot down your current knitting or crochet projects and how much you've completed so you can keep track of them
  • Project Trackers (2) - 2 pages to track your project details, and note what hooks, yarn, size, and anything other relevant information about your patterns. No more wondering which hook you started with!
  • Yarn Stash Inventory (2) - 2 pages to organize your yarn stash, record what you own, how much you have, what colors, how much it cost, and attach a swatch or image for reference.
  • Project Ideas List (2) - Keep track of those great ideas! Write down any pattern or project ideas so you remember them when the time comes and you can mark them as done when complete!
  • Brand Identity Plan (3) - 3 worksheets to help you work out a brand identity and start your handmade business! This covers creating a brand look, and what you want to focus on with your crochet business.
  • Product Line Planner - create the perfect product line with this helpful worksheet. Plan out the line description and items to go into that line so you can design with purpose and intention
  • Custom Order Tracker - Taking custom orders from family, friends, and clients have never been easier! Use this template to record all the important information, track your costs, and keep a written record for future reference!
  • Handmade Pricing Guide - What to charge for your handmade items? Knitting and crochet pricing can be tricky but this handmade pricing guide helps you set a fair price for you AND your customer!
  • Monthly Income/Expenses reports - keep track of incomes and expenses from the start with this page and be ready come tax time.
  • Pattern Design Template (4) - use MY template for writing patterns with all the information you need to include such as yarns used, materials needed, a place to sketch out your concept, and even draft the pattern
  • Resources for Makers - a list of my favorite resources & courses to help you grow your knitting & crochet business (or any handmade biz!)
  • 3 types of printable tags to add on your work for a professional finish!


Specs: These pages are formatted to print on regular copy paper as letter-sized (8.5X11) or A4 sheets. You can also print them as 2 pages per sheet or in booklet form for A5 binders. Copyright © of Shehla Ahmed. This planner is for personal use. Do not share or redistribute in any way, in part or as a whole.